Month: July 2019

  • Recap: 2019, Week 30

    The Week 30 show recaps SCP-4702 "Gehenna, Unknown To Man" (1:38), SCP-4982 "Heavy Lies The Crown" (29:17), SCP-4878 "Six Foot Soldiers" (35:38), and SCP-4389-J "Can the Foundation do THIS??" (41:45). It also offers critique on SCP-4954 "Long Live The Tinsmith" (47:37), SCP-4168 "Decomposing Love" (57:01), and SCP-4593 "Clevair" (1:04:18). Also covered: Your Very Last SCP! (1:12:49) and the weekly mailbag (1:14:11).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 29

    The Week 29 recap covers SCP-4869 "Boltz From The Blue" (5:50), SCP-4219 "LUDROA" (25:31), SCP-371-J "peanut funi xd" (40:06), SCP-4261 "In Case of Emergency, Blow Shofar" (46:00), SCP-4780 "Shrunk" (1:05:06), SCP-281-FR (1:09:07), and the weekly mailbag (1:32:53).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 28

    The Week 28 recap covers SCP-4766 "My Beautiful, Beautiful Son" (4:53), SCP-4819 "Never Miss the Last Day of Summer" (15:04), SCP-4056 "Nuclear Family Unit" (33:11), SCP-4853 "&SCP-4853" (49:48), SCP-4867 "Wyoming Territory, 1867-1870" (57:05), SCP-4710 "Sheen Gojira" (58:29), and the weekly mailbag (1:13:16).

  • Deep Dive: SCP-4406 and UIU File 2017-102

    In this special Deep Dive episode, I talk about the two entries that aismallard and I submitted for the Collaboration Contest, SCP-4406 "SUDDEN THUNDER" and UIU File 2017-102: WHISPER IN THE WIND.

  • Recap: 2019, Week 27

    The Week 27 Recap covers SCP-4838 "Lover's Quarrel" (7:10), SCP-4631 "Never a Devil Again" (17:01), SCP-4338 "Vulcan, the Disaster" (33:47), SCP-4176 "taxes" (58:33), SCP-4257 "public transit by dado" (1:06:54), SCP-4587 "A Dog's Purpose" (1:15:37), and the weekly mailbag (1:30:31).

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