Month: August 2019

  • Recap: 2019, Week 33

    The Week 33 Recap covers SCP-4484 "StreamSavers" (5:57), SCP-4386 "B Gone, B" (13:28), SCP-4495 "A God for Pigs" (48:49), SCP-4263 "Gemini" (58:41), SCP-4506 "Eternal Child Star" (1:11:33), and the weekly mailbag (1:25:36).

  • Recap: Collaboration Contest, Part 1

    The first of a two-part recap, we look at 33 articles that were submitted to the 2019 Collaboration Contest.

  • Recap: 2019, Week 32

    The Week 32 Recap covers SCP-4938 "Sweat of the Sun" (8:04), SCP-577 "All Alone in the Moonlight" (28:05), SCP-4162 "An Egg That Kills You For No Reason" (38:57), SCP-4156 "Last Bastion" (49:33), SCP-4971 "Rituals" (1:07:38), SCP-4468 "Take-a-Wish" (1:11:08), and the weekly mailbag (1:20:35).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 31

    The Week 31 Recap show covers SCP-4236 "It's the End of the World (And Everyone Feels Fine)" (9:01), SCP-1204 "The Social Disease" (29:42), Urine Too Deep (41:12), SCP Idiots with Numbers: The New HR (47:46), Seven Lies a Week (51:00), and the weekly mailbag (59:58).

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