Month: December 2019

  • Recap: 2019, Weeks 49 & 50

    The Recap for weeks 49 and 50 cover a dozen articles, including SCP-4026 (7:40), SCP-4901 (10:14), SCP-4469 (13:32), SCP-4654 (18:21), SCP-4197 (27:11), SCP-4492 (32:37), SCP-4372 (35:39), SCP-4962 (43:02), SCP-4746 (46:30), SCP-4486 (51:38), SCP-4801 (56:24), SCP-4596 (1:01:08), and the weekly mailbag (1:03:40).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 48

    The Week 48 recap covers SCP-4601 "Revenge Of The Redd Mennace!", SCP-4996 "The Demon, The Deal, and The Trashcan Elvis", SCP-2743 "Suttungr Nevermore", SCP-4345 "Not your Home, not your Pain, not your Self", SCP-4453 "Wholesome Family Goddess", and SCP-3906 "Blasphemous Balut Parade" in a new rapid format.

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