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  • Recap: 2019, Week 48

    The Week 48 recap covers SCP-4601 "Revenge Of The Redd Mennace!", SCP-4996 "The Demon, The Deal, and The Trashcan Elvis", SCP-2743 "Suttungr Nevermore", SCP-4345 "Not your Home, not your Pain, not your Self", SCP-4453 "Wholesome Family Goddess", and SCP-3906 "Blasphemous Balut Parade" in a new rapid format.

  • Recap: 2019, Week 47

    The Week 47 recap covers SCP-4879 "Art in the Time of Elitism" (9:02), SCP-4394 "Liquid Piano" (19:55), SCP-4793 "Stele" (30:38), SCP-4612 "Not All Gods Decompose" (32:25), and the weekly mailbag. (57:54)

  • Recap: 2019, Week 46

    The Week 46 recap show covers SCP-4362 "Achilles Defense Systems" (5:38), SCP-4374 "This Is You" (18:18), SCP-4379 "New Sun Will Rise, and Shadows Quickly Fade" (33:04), SCP-4691 "Locked In" (53:11), SCP-4677 "Coke, Cow, and Capitalism" (1:06:49), and the weekly mailbag (1:24:14).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 45

    The Week 45 recap show begins with an update on personal and current events, and then covers SCP-4685 "Every Man Must Pay His Due" (18:38), SCP-4829 "Umbryo" (24:45), SCP-4509 "The Windigo Cold Cases" (28:43), SCP-4788 "Cash Cow" (32:58), SCP-4709 "At The Risk Of Sounding Repetitive" (39:39), SCP-4581 "Anti-Racist Audiocassette" (47:19), SCP-055-PT (53:59), and SCP-4742 "A Job Well Done" (56:26).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 42

    The Week 42 Recap covers SCP-9999-J "Ground Beef" (3:34), SCP-4957 (13:56), SCP-4607 "Whalefall City" (22:07), SCP-4706 "An Array of Nonsense" (45:03), SCP-4608 "Appleseed" (1:02:50), SCP-4932 "Sadly, Nothing Lasts Forever" (1:04:08), and the weekly mailbag. (1:24:05)

  • Recap: 2019, Week 41

    The Week 41 recap covers SCP-4542 "Bug Bunnies" (3:51), SCP-4781 "Sour and Dill" (18:20), SCP-4428 "Dr. Michaels" (26:32), SCP-4675 "I Don't Exist" (43:40), SCP-4715 "A Demon Born of War" (1:01:01), the weekly mailbag (1:24:55), and extended discussion on the SCUTTLE site backup project. (1:26:39)

  • Recap: 2019, Week 40

    The week 40 recap covers SCP-4382 "Entropic of Hulwick" (3:34), SCP-4578 "A Good Guy with a Gun" (32:18), SCP-4686 "Hugs 4 Everyone" (39:28), SCP-4518 "MBMBMBMBMBMBMBaM" (50:33), SCP-4756 "A Reborn Man" (1:03:03), and the weekly mailbag (1:18:14).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 39

    The Week 39 recap covers SCP-4763 "Down The Tragedy Well" (2:01), SCP-4389 "Big Ol' Eyebrows" (6:29), SCP-4383 "Sticks and Stones, Blood for Old Bones, a Curse Forever Thirsty" (16:02), SCP-2212-J "CALL NOW AND GET APOLLYON FREE!" (32:16), SCP-4866 "Murderer™, a product of Optimark Synthetic Personnel Solutions" (37:25), and the weekly mailbag (58:28).Related Reading: Kate McTiriss's Proposal

  • Recap: 2019, Week 38

    The Week 38 recap covers SCP-4778 "All's Whale that ends Whale" (6:28), SCP-4352 "Storytime" (20:06), SCP-4967 "Thaumielvis" (32:13), "#StormSite19" (41:16), SCP-4547 "Exterminans" (47:32), "Thank You, Reviewers" (49:10), and the weekly mailbag (1:05:30).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 37

    The Week 37 recap covers SCP-4296 "The Voyeur" (1:11), SCP-4773 "SCP-4773-2, and a stuffed bear" (11:49), SCP-4857 "[DESIGNATION AVAILABLE]" (27:39), SCP-4346 "Searching for Friends in a Room Full of Loneliness" (54:39), SCP-3272 "It's Rainin' Men, Hallelujah" (1:02:25), and the weekly mailbag (1:10:15).

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