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  • Making A Monster: S1E1

    Making A Monster begins with talking about conceptualizing ideas, and explains eight different paths to begin coming up with ideas, from evoking a specific emotion to changing how the reader sees some facet of everyday life. The exercise is performed during the episode.

  • Recap: 2019, Week 21

    The Week 21 recap show includes SCP-4885 "Find Him" (7:30), SCP-4439 "The Weeping Child" (23:21), SCP-4064 "It's not you, it's us" (41:01), SCP-4288 "Your Dirty Little Secret" (54:38), SCP-4662 "Billy's Already Home" (1:01:38), and the weekly mailbag (1:13:42).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 20

    The Week 20 recap show features SCP-4152 "BASEMENT LOVE, Acrylic on canvas" (9:38), SCP-4465 "No Man Is An Island" (27:10), SCP-4826 "No One But Me Gets To Say When I Die" (29:59), SCP-4769 "Physics Teacher" (35:00), SCP-4534 "Thousands of Photographs Of My Favourite Women" (59:54), SCP-4322 "Sleepless Dreams" (1:12:56), SCP-4797 "Spire" (1:19:49), SCP-4246 "Thalassomania, or The Dreams of the Firstborn" (1:21:05), and SCP-990-J "Dream Dude" (1:22:34).Patron Selections: Ethics Committee Orientation (58:43)

  • Recap: 2019, Week 19

    The Week 19 Recap show covers SCP-4617 "Selfish Preservation" (9:00), SCP-4355 "OZYMANDIAS, KING OF KINGS" (20:34), SCP-4143 "Infinitestine" (35:52), SCP-4311 "I care about you." (47:17), SCP-4341 "Unimal Life" (1:00:27), SCP-4153 "Vincent Price presents...IT CAME FROM SITE-9!" (1:02:18), and the Weekly Mailbag (1:13:25).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 18

    The Week 18 recap show begins with discussion about the new Patreon page at (1:13), and discusses every positively-rated SCP this week, covering SCP-4726 "G A M E R M I L K" (11:48), SCP-4807 "Kolmogorov Complexity" (20:40), SCP-4986 "From a Friend" (28:46), SCP-4281 "Stalled Conversation" (50:29), SCP-4390 "A Bad Maze" (1:03:42), SCP-4845 "I Am The Beast I Worship" (1:06:12), SCP-4375 "Two Forgetful Men" (1:09:36), SCP-4284 "Walker Towers" (1:34:57), and SCP-4302 "Prior Predator" (1:36:50).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 17

    The Week 17 recap covers SCP-4548 "HATE" (7:04), SCP-4091 "A Boy's Dog" (19:12), and SCP-4387 "Don't Lose your Head, Comrade" (22:57).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 16

    The Week 16 recap show covers SCP-4155 "Soft Serve Kittens" (3:53), SCP-4843 "Take It With Me When I Go" (16:04), SCP-4759 "The Challenger of Donut Taxes" (21:05), SCP-4805 "Utilitarian" (25:59), SCP-4519 "Carl Sagan, Godhead" (LBOTW) (40:58), and SCP-4127 "Heads or Tails" (44:00).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 15

    The Week 15 recap show covers SCP-4128 "Action Comics #1" (4:47), SCP-4139 "Fridge Backpack" (26:47), SCP-4206 "The Weighing of the Heart" (35:57), SCP-4122 "The Second-long Pipe" (46:10), and SCP-4979 "In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future" (56:16).

  • Recap: 2019, Week 14

    The Week 14 recap covers SCP-4970 (0:34), SCP-4312 (13:32), SCP-4087 (19:22), SCP-4089 (26:46), SCP-4260 (36:34), and SCP-4092 (38:32).

  • Recap: Jamcon 2

    The Jamcon 2 Recap show features SCP-4844 (1:59), SCP-4464 (6:45), SCP-4290 (11:12), SCP-4494 (19:19), SCP-4513 (28:31), SCP-4269 (34:00), and not_a_seagull's Proposal (40:07).

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