Tag: scp-4375

  • Recap: 2019, Week 18

    The Week 18 recap show begins with discussion about the new Patreon page at patreon.com/scpcafe (1:13), and discusses every positively-rated SCP this week, covering SCP-4726 "G A M E R M I L K" (11:48), SCP-4807 "Kolmogorov Complexity" (20:40), SCP-4986 "From a Friend" (28:46), SCP-4281 "Stalled Conversation" (50:29), SCP-4390 "A Bad Maze" (1:03:42), SCP-4845 "I Am The Beast I Worship" (1:06:12), SCP-4375 "Two Forgetful Men" (1:09:36), SCP-4284 "Walker Towers" (1:34:57), and SCP-4302 "Prior Predator" (1:36:50).